Cook with Shuk

Cook with Shuk

Location: Kedawang

Pricing: RM 250 - RM 300 per person

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: 0.5

Roughness: 0

Exclusiveness: 5

Activity Description

This is one of the finest heritage and cultural based activity on the Island of Langkawi.
Chef Shuk, an articulate story teller with a talent for cooking. He lives and conducts his cooking classes at his traditional Malay mansion. On arrival, he briefs us of this beautiful house; on the traditional stilts structure, made of teak wood, with intricate traditional carvings on the trimmings and windows of the house, all the carvings represents nature elements such as the jasmine flower, the gecko, lotus flower and many more.

The architecture is based on the traditional Malay culture, from the placement of the rooms, the welcome area, the main living area, the kitchen, the attic and below the house. He also explains that how this house was traditionally built. This house is decorated beautifully with a mix of traditional and modern designs.

As we sat at his furnished ‘below the house’ area while sipping on our drinks and listening to his stories, we were pleasantly interrupted by charming Hornbills hopping on the trees surrounding Chef Shuk’s estate. What a peaceful and quiet environment, with nature surrounding us, we were very happy to continue listening to Chef Shuk’s Malay heritage stories.

He then invites us for snacks, he demonstrates and serves us a local traditional before meal snack which is the Satay. Meat skewers cooked on a bbq pit served with cucumbers, onions, rice cubes (nasi impit) and peanut sauce.
After the tasty snack, Chef Shuk brings us for a walk in his garden, where he grows many herbs and spices, mostly local but he is also experimenting to grow some non-local herbs. He entices us to feel, smell and taste some of his herbs.

He then brings us into his home, giving us the most welcoming tour of the house, telling us some customs of the local Malay people. He leads us to his kitchen where here we are presented an apron each to wear during our cooking class.
Chef Shuk prefers to conduct his cooking classes in a small group of six, where this makes the cooking class very personalized. He shows us the spices, herbs and ingredients he is going to use, how to prepare these ingredients, and how these combination of spices form the flavour of the food. His classes encourages participation from the group where they will be the ones to make the base mixture of a dish, cooking and combining the ingredients in a wok, combining ingredients for a baked dish and pounding chilli’s for sambal making. Everyone takes part and he is happy they do. Five dishes are made; beef rending, chicken curry, stir fried vegetables, baked fish in banana leaf and sambal belacan.

Once class is done, he invites us qfor a sit down dinner. He makes us all feel like graduates and is happy to see us enjoy the food that is prepared. Chef Shuk has many stories and one evening with him is not enough for all the stories. Before we leave his house, he presents us with a memorable gift and a book of the recipes. We then said our thankful good bye to Chef Shuk and wished him the best of health.

Cook with Shuk is available every Wednesday.

Time : 5.30 pm – 10.00 pm.

Group size : minimum 2 pax – maximum 6 pax.

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Reviewed by Sharmini Violet

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